Bird & Rodent Repellent Bale Wrap, Bags & Covers


Agrirepel® Bag are the ONLY PROVEN EFFECTIVE bird and rodent repellent silage & grain bags in the world. 


How it works:

The ALL NATURAL additive Combirepel™ is put inside virgin plastic when it is being transformed into bale wrap film, becoming part of the plastic. It effectively repels birds & rodents without harming them, you or your hard work. It has been specifically design to repel - not kill, as it is not a pesticide. 

With Agrirepel® Bag, there is finally a safe way to insure that your silage or your grain are protected from unpredictable wildlife.


  • Available in different sizes and thicknesses

  • Easy loading on bagger

  • Strongest plastic

  • Completely organic and safe

  • 2-year efficacy

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