Bird & Rodent Repellent Bale Wrap, Bags & Covers


Agrirepel® Silo is the ONLY BIRD AND RODENT REPELLENT SILAGE COVER IN THE WORLD. It is made with only the highest grade of virgin raw materials for a better, stronger, more resistant plastic film. The additive Combirepel™, inside the plastic, effectively repels birds and rodents without harming them, the animals or the environment.


  • 4.8 mil, lengths from 100' to 1000', widths from 20' to 72'

  • 120 microns, lengths from 30m to 300m, widths from 6m to 22m

  • Up to 72 feet / 22 meters wide: WIDEST SEAMLESS COVER IN THE WORLD

  • Completely organic and safe

  • Green/white

  • 2-year efficacy

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