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Agrirepel® Wrap Instructions of Use

Store Agrirepel Wrap® in original packaging. Store reels on their ends in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

Keep reels in packaging and condition at ambient temperature prior to use. Take care when opening packaging and handling reels so as not to damage them. In particular reel edges should be protected. Cover reels left on wrapper to keep out moisture. Reels must be used within 24 months of manufacture to ensure effectiveness of repellent feature. Reels should only be removed from protective packaging immediately prior to use. When opening packaging, carefully rotate the roll on top of the lid, to avoid damage to roll ends, which could cause problems when wrapping.

Insert the reel onto the wrapper with the outer-surface facing the bale.

The height of the pre-stretched unit has to be aligned with the center of the bale. The height of the pre-stretched unit should be adjusted so that the center points of the bale and film reel are horizontally aligned. Thread and attach film as per wrapper instructions.

Do not pre-stretch film more than 70% and ensure at least 50% overlap. Do not wrap on/in rainy weather. Ensure pre-stretch unit rollers are regularly cleaned in accordance with wrapper manufacturer’s instructions.

The dry matter target of the film is between 45%-50%, in which case six layers of film guarantee one year of preservation. Higher dry matter content requires more layers. Where dry matter levels are lower than 30% or are exceeding 50%; for round bales with diameters > 4ft; for alfalfa and for stemmy crops or for square bales, a minimum of six layers of film should be applied.

Level the swath and do not wrap damp or dirty fodder. Bales should be dense and cylindrical in shape. Ensure that the blade of the balewrapper’s cutting mechanism is maintained in order to ensure a clean film cut after wrapping and thus avoid long film tails.

Wrap immediately after baling and transport bales to final storage area without delay.

Do not handle bales for the next 72 hours because of fermentation. Store bales in an upright position. Choose a well drained site away from hedges, trees, exposed areas and water courses. Stack bales immediately after wrapping. Use a purpose built-handler and never a spike. Do not stack more than three levels high on top of each other. Bales of low DM should only be stored in single layers. Repair any damage immediately. 

Sheltered space and sandy ground will help prevent damage caused by animals. Only an intact film helps gaurantee the preservation of fodder. Fence off stack from livestock if necessary. Inspect stack regularly and repair any damage immediately. Use bales within 12 months of wrapping.

Agrirepel® customers not only benefit from the latest bale wrap technology but also from the expert advice and after-sales service of a team of bale wrap specialists working in the field backed by a highly responsive customer service team who ensure smooth order fulfilment and delivery. Agrirepel® products must be used within 24 months of manufacture and will remain UV stable for 12 months after wrapping, provided the bale is wrapped with the specified layers of bale wrap. For more information and instructions for use contact us by using the contact form on this website.

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