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How much will you save by switching to Agrirepel® Wrap? Let's do the math!

Current bale wrap used:

  1. select the thickness

  2. enter the number of layers

  3. enter the price of your bale wrap

  4. enter the average commercial value of your bales

  5. enter the percentage of losses due to birds and rodents

  6. enter the total number of bales you wrap each year

  7. enter the number of bales you can wrap with one roll of film.



When switching to Agrirepel® Wrap, the estimated percentage of losses decreases to 5% or less the first year.

Agrirepel® Wrap also saves you time (no need to check every day for holes in the film or to apply tape for hours if the film is attacked), saves you fuel and grow your customer base (if you custom wrap or sell your bales)!


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