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Agrirepel® Silo is THE ONLY BIRD AN RODENT REPELLENT SILAGE COVER IN THE WORLD. It is made with only the highest quality raw materials for a better, stronger, more resistant plastic sheeting. The COMBIREPEL™ additive that we put inside of the plastic effectively repels birds and rodents without harming them. It is 100% all natural and non toxic for the users or the covered feed.


  • 4.8 mil, lengths from 100ft to 1,000ft, widths from 20ft to 72ft

  • 120 microns, lengths from 30m to 300m, widths from 6m to 22m

  • Up to 22m/72ft wide SEAMLESS

  • Completely natural and safe

  • Green/White

  • 2 year proven efficacy

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