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Agrirepel® Wrap is the ONLY PROVEN EFFECTIVE ALL NATURAL bird & rodent repellent bale wrap in the world. 

How it works:

The ALL NATURAL additive Combirepel™ is put inside virgin plastic when it is being transformed into bale wrap film, becoming part of the plastic. It effectively repels birds & rodents without harming them, you or your hard work. It has been specifically design to repel - not kill, as it is not a pesticide. 

With Agrirepel® Wrap, there is finally a safe way to insure that your bales are protected from unpredictable wildlife. 


  • 1 mil, 30" x 5000' (also available in 20")

  • 25 microns, 750mm x 1500m (also available in 500mm)

  • Completely organic and safe

  • Fits in any wrapper

  • Great tack

  • Unique color

  • 2-year efficacy

Agrirepel® Wrap awarded the Trophée d'Or 2017

The bird and rodent repellent bale wrap has been chosen amongst the 2017 innovations of the years by the agricultural world.

Already used in numerous countries, Agrirepel Wrap® is recognized as the product of the future by farmers and custom balers.

Agrirepel® Wrap is already being used in the following countries:

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